OMS in english

Please find appropriate information in english about fencing, historical fencing and modern pentathlon in Oulu.

How to start fencing

We take in new fencers regularly in all our groups. Minimum age is 6 years for fencing and wheelchair fencing, 15 years for historical fencing and 18 for viking fencing. Check the Aloita miekkailu-page for information on the next courses.

The OMS club

Oulun Miekkailuseura, or OMS for short, was established in 2002. The club has its own salle, and offers activity for all ages. We offer fencing, wheelchair fencing, modern pentathlon, historical fencing (HEMA) and viking fencing. Our head coach Javier Menéndez represented Spain in the Beijing olympics and has now been working with us since summer 2013.

Contact information

For information on starting fencing etc., please contact us via email:
Oulun Miekkailuseura ry
Alasintie 3-7
90400 OULU, Finland
puh 045-8997710
y-tunnus 1869494-4